The Sprite Cemetery: From the boisterously benign to the conspicuously controversial, a final resting place for the great, near great, and the exact opposite of great sprite art.

The Sprite Cemetery. Formerly The People's Sprites.

Game Rips
Type 300 by mjkrzak.

Directory Annex


Terra Mega Man 7 Style by mjkrzak.

Pikachu: Pokemon GO! GO! GO!

Tau Fire Warrior by mjkrzak.

Antoine D'Coolette by Mechachu.

Tau by mjkrzak.

Bean the Duck by Mechachu, Bendilin, and Magic Man/Groovy Ash.

Eggbot by Mechachu.

Exit 68

Super Adventure Quint.

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Shadey Theatre. (Click the comic to read the rest!)